When illness forced the actor portraying Ranee Ghita Brooke out of the show at the start of production week, Barbara Worthy came riding to the rescue – or at least driving to it… She was up and running within the week, and the show at Campbell House Museum went on…

Photography by Domenico Menicucci & Amanda Duff

On behalf of the Canadian Rajah Collective we wish to extend our deepest gratitude to audience members who attended the World Premiere of Dave Carley’s new play: CANADIAN RAJAH.

Thank you for supporting independent theatre in Toronto, and for your interest in the incredible – and TRUE – story of Esca Brooke.

Please check back to this website often for updates on the future presentations of Dave Carley’s masterpiece production.


Vince Deiulis – Producer, Canadian Rajah

After nearly twenty years of research, writing, non-writing, avoiding, re-researching, immersing and emerging with a script… finally, the story of Esca Brooke is about to be told.

Welcome to one of the most rewarding projects of my life.

– Dave Carley, Playwright – Canadian Rajah