The Canadian Rajah Collective is a group of theatre artists who have come together to tell the story of Esca Brooke-Daykin.

Canadian Rajah tells the TRUE story of Esca Brooke, who was born in Sarawak (now part of Malaysia). Esca was the son of that country’s white Rajah and his Malay wife. When the Rajah added an English wife to the mix, he felt it politically wise to remove his firstborn son Esca from the scene.

Esca Brooke ended up in Canada arriving in Madoc, Ontario in the dead of winter, 1884. He would live a long and successful life in Canada but longed to be recognized by his birth parents. Canadian Rajah revolves around Esca’s search for recognition  and the dramatic showdown that ended that quest.

Running Wednesday January 30th until Sunday February 17, 2019 at the Historic Campbell House in Downtown Toronto.